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Proto Tool Co has served our customers at the highest levels for over 40 years. We are honest, detail-oriented and focused on delivering the very best results for our clients. Our expert machinists take pride in ensuring that jobs are completed to customer print and specification, as well as on time and within budget. If you’re looking for a full-service machine shop for your next machining project, Proto Tools Co is your absolute best choice.

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The Premier Machine Shop In Farmington Hills

Full-service, precision machine shop located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Proto Tool Co proudly serves America’s largest industries with unique manufacturing capabilities and extensive experience. Today’s production environments require durable machines that are built from sound ideas, and Proto Tool Co meets the precise needs of our customers’ most important projects.

Custom Machining With Precision Results

Proto Tool Co knows that today’s production environments require a high level of customization and durable machinery built from sound ideas. That’s why the largest industries in the nation have turned to Proto Tool Co for more than 40 years, including Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive, all of which require unique specifications and safety practices.

We provide cost effective solutions, from manual hand-held tools to power assisted ergonomic counter balanced tools and sub-stations. Solutions can be developed for repetitive function, limited space assembly areas and difficult to handle parts and sub-assemblies. Over the past 40 years, Proto Tool Co continues to evolve and lead the industry with expanded service capabilities, including recently adding a 100-inch CNC Boring Mill to complement our existing Boring Mills to 120 inches.

We can also design and build custom tooling, work holding, assembly, and check fixtures. No matter the size or scale of your production, Proto Tool Co can help you. Give us a call today!

Custom Machining Solutions

At Proto Tool Co, we can assist in product development, build to customer design, and coordinate pre-production quantities. We offer our customers complete control and flexibility in one shop with our unique manufacturing capabilities and extensive experience with various material types.

From non-metals, to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we apply our expert knowledge to guide you on which to use. We use state-of-the-art software, hardware and processes to cast metal prototype parts, including high-quality metal castings poured with modern production grade materials. For 40 years, Proto Tool Co has been a leader in precision prototypes that include ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as non-metal products. These include items such as castings, forgings, stamping, sheet metal, wire forms and bar stock raw materials.

Our solutions fit the needs of niche clientele, while also serving large-scale productions for clients in large industries, like Energy and Oil.

Machine Shop With Experience & Expertise

For more than 40 years, Proto Tool Co has been dedicated to high-quality, precision machined parts with a focus on customization and customer service. Proto Tool Co stands at the vanguard of the industry, instituting best-in class practices and the latest machining programs.

At Proto Tool Co, our expert machinists take pride in ensuring that jobs are completed to customer design and specification, on time and within budget. By complying with ISO 9001 standards, using LEAN practices, and continuing to upgrade to the latest CNC machines, Proto Tool can complete jobs efficiently and exceed customer expectations. We can offer complete control and flexibility in one shop - the perfect blend of individual attention, big-picture design, and large-scale project management.

Whether you have a detailed multi-piece production, or need an entire project managed, contact one of their team members to discuss your needs today!

Precision Machine Shop in Farmington Hills, Michigan

When you need a knowledgeable, full-service machine shop, contact Proto Tool Co in Farmington Hills, Michigan. We offer unique manufacturing capabilities, extensive experience with various material types, and complete customer control and flexibility all in one shop. Contact our team to discuss your needs today!